About Aliyos Yerushalayim

Actualize Your Strengths

Aliyos Yerushalayim presents creative, motivated professionals with the means to channel their strengths into personal Torah study and join other like minded professionals in reaching levels they may not realize are possible.
Founded in the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem, Aliyos Yerushalayim offers the opportunity to move beyond passive participation in Torah learning to experience the empowerment one-to-one personal chavrusa learning brings.

Reach Far Beyond Yourself

The effects of a center for active learning reaches far beyond the individuals involved– it changes the tone of the entire community to one valuing active participation in life and achieving important goals.

We Welcome Your Background

Aliyos Yerushalayim matches participants with study partners, chavrusas, who match their motivation to build themselves and their skills. Every moment is utilized, so you don’t waste valuable time. Every background is welcome– we all have what to teach and we all have what to learn. Learning time is flexible, to work with your busy schedule. Focus on learning what speaks to you personally.

The Torah Startup

The founder of Aliyos Yerushalayim, Rabbi Yitzchok Snyder, harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit in making personal Torah learning an empowering, attainable achievement. Overcoming both internal and external obstacles to realize lasting change in the world is what startups are all about. Torah learning is no different, yet the results reach far beyond scholastic achievement.

Learn more about how personal Torah study can transform your life. Join us today.