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Experience inspiration as you realize the richness, subtlety and significance in the world you live in. Chavrusa learning can open your eyes and sharpen your view, allowing you to better embrace the wonder and wisdom that surrounds you. Inspire yourself and be a source of inspiration for others.


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Challenge yourself through chavrusa learning and experience the life changing reality it enables. Discover your strengths and character. Define your values and ideals. Make your way through the maze of life at your level, with your background, at your pace, in your time. Succeed on your own terms.


Make an impact by realizing your potential and actualizing it. Harness your talents towards spiritual growth. A genuine change in the world begins with you. We all have the ability to make a ripple. Impact your community by opening the doors to opportunity and growth.


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Connect with your Jewish heritage and its people. The power of a chavrusa relationship builds and deepens your inner life, thereby enriching your connection with yourself and others. Expand your horizons and reach beyond yourself to link the past with the future.

Experience this discovery with a chavrusa who is passionate, dedicated to growing, friendly and welcoming to all individuals.

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